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"'Sharing The Joy Of His News' by growing inward through God's Word, Sacraments and Fellowship; and by growing outward
through words, actions and mission outreach.
" - St. John Lutheran Church

The Divine Service

The Divine Service is the center of our life of faith in Christ. It is celebrated every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. The Sacrament of the Altar is celebrated on odd Sundays of the month and festival days.

(Please select the link below or see the Church calendar for any alterations to our Seasonal and Midweek Worship Service times.)


Parish Services

Faces of the Reformation

Nikolaus von Amsdorf - Luther’s faithful friend and defender
Born: Dec. 3, 1483 - Torgau, Germany | Died: May 14, 1565 - Eisenach, Germany

Born to a noble Saxon family, Nikolaus von Amsdorf first studied theology in Leipzig and then was one of the first students at the newly founded University of Wittenberg. There, he obtained his master’s degree and a position as a professor. He also often served as rector. He was trained in and taught scholastic theology until he was won for the Reformation by his colleague Martin Luther, whom he accompanied to the Leipzig Debate and the Diet of Worms. His friendship with Luther would be the most definitive aspect of Amsdorf’s theological activity. After visiting Magdeburg with Luther in 1524, Amsdorf was encouraged by Luther to take a call there, where he served for nearly two decades. In Magdeburg, he battled radicals and Papists through his sermons and simply worded pamphlets, and he was instrumental in turning the city and surrounding areas into a bastion for Lutheranism. (Continued here...

Welcome Back Doane University Students

Doane University is known for its leadership in higher education, grounded in this university's commitment to academic excellence, innovation and community. St. John welcomes both returning and newly enrolled students from Doane into our Church community too. While Doane has been successful in its endeavors for more than 140 years, St. John Lutheran Church knows similar success during that same time - in preaching and teaching God's Word, sharing our Christian faith and enjoying Godly fellowship with new and old members alike. St. John invites Doane students to attend our worship services each Sunday morning. Maintaining a student commitment to leadership, inquiry, values and engagement is important, but must be centrally fed by God's Word through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as our purest lifelong value. We hope you drop by soon!

From Pastor Toensing

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

At a recent men’s Bible study, we read a passage that was filled with names—most were unfamiliar and hard to pronounce. It was Jeremiah 36. In Matthew chapter one and at the end of Luke chapter 3 you will find genealogies of Jesus with lots of names. If you go to the book of Numbers, such as chapter 26, you find a census was ordered. And there you will find many names and an accounting of the numbers of their clans. Such long lists of names are hard to work through. And you say, “So what?”

Well, they are in the Bible—God’s Word—so that must mean something. (More...)

Updated: 08.1.17


  • Flowers on the Altar

    A calendar has been placed in the entryway of the church to reserve a date to place flowers on the altar. If you would like to donate toward flowers, the Ladies’ Aid Altar Committee will purchase the flowers and place them on the altar for you. Only live flowers are placed on the altar. (Flowers will not be placed on the altar during the seasons of Advent and Lent). If you have questions please contact LaVonne Nitzel, JoAnn Renner or Diane Kahle.  

    Updated: 01.04.16
  • Lutheran Witness Online

    The Lutheran Witness Current IssueThe Lutheran Witness is the flagship magazine of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The Lutheran Witness is a monthly publication (11 issues per year) that offers Synod news, features, columns, Q&A's, and more.

  • KFUO Radio Online

    Listen to KFUO

    For over 90 years, KFUO has been dedicated to broadcasting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to listeners around the globe. You can help take this message to the ends of the earth by tuning in and supporting this ministry.
  • Orphan Grain Train

    We can once again send used clothing to Orphan Grain Train. When leaving clothes at the back door, please mark them for either OGT (Orphan Grain Train) or PCM (People's City Mission).

  • Electronic Newsletter

    Please consider receiving your monthly newsletter via email or downloaded from our website to conserve and save paper. The bulletin and readings are also available via email the Tuesday after Sunday’s service. Please contact our church secretary, Blythe Dewey at the office to be added to the group email, 402.826.3883. Thank you for going GREEN!

    Updated: 01.04.16

Worship Services

Worship services at St. John are scheduled each Sunday and Wednesday. Sunday morning Communion services are held on the odd numbered weeks each month with non-communion services held on the even numbered Sundays. (Seasonally adjusted Service Times...)

  • Sunday Morning - 9:00 a.m.
  • Wednesday Evening - (Held during the Advent and Lenten Season - See Calendar during those months for service times.)


Sunday Bible Class

Join us on Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. for adult Bible class where a variety of Christ centered topics are covered. Currently, the book of Ezekiel is being explored.

Jesus Christ brings the Gospel (from older English, "Good-spel," "good news") to the world. He announces that in His person the kingdom of God has come to mankind and that through faith in Him people might find new and eternal life. He is Himself the Good News, or Gospel.

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